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When a wastewater treatment facility has a highly corrosive environment, it is fiscally appealing to forego the eventual refrigerator repair costs and just use a disposable refrigerator. This is why the TC-4 models replace the Marvel™ Stainless Steel refrigerator from the TC-3 with a stainless steel stand and disposable refrigerator.


The TC-4 is a composite sampler designed to sample waste or process water. The TC-4 retains all of the key features from the TC-3 such as the flow-through reservoir, stainless steel hardware and pneumatic sampling arms.

The TC-4 stainless steel refrigerator stand provides 3 distinct advantages over the TC-3
  1. It eliminates costly refrigerator repair.
  2. It reduces weight by 61% when compared to the Marvel™ refrigerator.
  3. It allows you to choose either OEM or aftermarket refrigerators
The TC-4 has 3 options for obtaining composite samples:
  1. A 4-20 mA signal from an automated building management program (PC)
  2. Sampling on a time bases maintained by the control panel
  3. Receiving signals originating at a flow meter