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If your plant does not have compressed air that can be piped in, Sonford Samplers can supply you with an air compressor. We recommend the Thomas Ultra Air-Pac® model #T-617HDN. It is a portable, oil-less heavy duty air compressor suitable for the demands of a Sonford Sampler. For more information on this compressor, please review the manual below.

If the dipper arm assembly is creating a mess while sampling, Sonford Samplers offers the Splash Guard Assembly. The Splash Guard Assembly is a clear polyethylene shield that attaches to the sampling reservoir. It has a closed cell PVC gasket to ensure a quality seal around the reservoir. Installation requires replacing 4 of the 10-32 Stainless Steel screws with 10-32 Stainless Steel studs and using nylon wing nuts to attach the shield.

If you need to monitor water characteristics such as pH, Conductivity, ORP, etc., a Sonford Sampler can be retrofitted to measure these values. Probes can be fitted to the sampling reservoir and the signals can be analyzed by the control panel.