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The TC-3 Triple is a composite sampler designed to sample three lines of waste or process water. The TC-3 Triple uses three pneumatic arm assemblies to sample the water as it flows through the reservoirs. One of the key features of the sampler is the unique design of the flow-through reservoir. By design, the reservoir creates turbulence in the area that is sampled. This turbulence ensures that suspended solids of all sizes typically found in wastewater flows are available for sample. As a result, the sample obtained is a true representation of the actual flow. Once the sample has been collected, it is gravity fed to a 2.5 gallon jug stored in the stainless steel refrigerator. A Bottle Full alarm can be used to stop the sampling and allow a new jug to be placed in the refrigerator.


To make sure that the TC-3 Triple will stand up to the corrosive environment typically found in wastewater treatment facilities, all wetted surfaces of the sampler are made of Stainless Steel, as well as the main wrap, refrigerator and hardware. All machine screws are treated to prevent seizing and to aid in servicing the sampler.


To facilitate cleaning, funnels are easily removed from the main section of the sampler. Reservoirs can simply be wiped through.


Unique parts - features and options

The Marvel™ Stainless Steel refrigerator has been customized to increase the longevity of the unit. The following modifications have been made:

  1. The Solid State Electronic Thermostat has been relocated to the controlled environment of the Control Panel.
  2. The Potentiometer has also been relocated to the Control Panel.
  3. All copper surfaces have been covered in asphalt cork tape to prevent corrosion.
The TC-3 has 3 options for obtaining composite samples:
  1. A 4-20 mA signal from an automated building management program (PC)
  2. Sampling on a time bases maintained by the control panel
  3. Receiving signals originating at a flow meter

A. Arm Assembly Arm 1
B. Arm Bracket Arm 1
C. Right Turn Funnel Arm 1
D. Arm Assembly Arm 2
E. Arm Bracket Arm 2
F. Right Turn Funnel Arm 2
G. Arm Assembly Arm 3
H. Arm Bracket Arm 3
I. Left Turn Funnel Arm 3
J. Main Wrap
L. Marvel™ Stainless Steel Machine Screw
M. 2.5 Gallon Jugs
A. Arm Assembly
B. Clamp Blocks
C. 10-32 Stainless Steel Machine Screws
D. Arm Bracket
E. Funnel
F. Reservoir
G. 2" Inlet
H. 3" Outlet
I. 1" 10-32 Stainless Steel Machine Screws
J. Marvel™ Stainless Steel Machine Screw
K. Air Filter/Regulator