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Position the sampler in the desired location. Bear in mind control panel must be mounted on a wall within 8' of air solenoid valve. Choose a location where unit will be out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. Level sampler using leveling legs installed under refrigeration unit on the TC-3 model, or the leveling legs installed under the stand on the TC-4 model.

Units with fan cooled condensers do not require surrounding space for ventilation. The TC-3 and TC-4 models have fan cooled condensers. Units with static condensers must be installed at least 2" from wall for proper cooling. Our Explosion Proof Models have static condensers.

On the TC-3 model, it is possible to move the hinges to the opposite side of the refrigerator door to allow the door to swing open in the other direction. Simply remove the hinge pin from the upper door hinge with a 1/8" Allen wrench. Pull the top of the door out slightly and up off the lower hinge. Move hinges to the opposite side. Be sure nylon bushings in hinge pin holes are in place before reattaching door.

At the back of the Sampler, join the 2" threaded inlet and 3" non-threaded outlet to the in-flow and out-flow lines. Utilize a 2" threaded flange for the inlet and a 3" socket flange for outlet. Flanges (not provided) join reservoir to inlet and outlet lines. A 2" ball valve should be placed in-line prior to the inlet flange to control the flow rate to the sampling reservoir at approximately 10-20 GPM.

Compressed air is connected to the Air Filter/Regulator using " I.D. tubing. In the case of a dual or triple sampler, there is only one air filter/regulator. The air filter/regulator should be adjusted to 50 PSI for optimum performance. The tubing between the regulator and solenoid valve is provided. The tubing between the air compressor and the regulator is not provided.

Control Panel: Mount the control panel on wall within 8 ft. of solenoid valve on the Sampler Arm Assembly. The cable supplied with the valve is approximately 8' long, and must easily reach the panel. Due to the variability of installations, mounting hardware is not provided to attach the control panel to the wall. See control panel operation manual for wiring directions, including flow meter connections.

Solenoid Valve: The standard location model is supplied with an 8' cable, which should be connected to the terminal strip inside the control panel. See the control panel operation manual for further details.

Refrigeration Unit: For the TC-3 models, there are two choices for powering the refrigerator. The standard location refrigeration unit is supplied with a 6' power cord to be plugged into an outlet near the unit. As an optional feature, the refrigeration unit may be hard wired into the control panel.

For the TC-4 models, the disposable refrigerator may be plugged into an outlet within 6' of the sampler. As an option, the control panel can be wired with a 1' extension chord that can be used to power the refrigerator.