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Aside from being reliable, the Sonford Control Panel allows you to control your sampling any way you want. Sampling can be controlled via:

  1. TIME. Sampling can be conducted over any period of time. Once a day, Once every other day, any combination of days in a week, once a week or 24 hours a day, every day. The Sonford Control Panel can easily be programmed and changed on site to fit your schedule.
  2. FLOW. Sampling can be based off of flow. If your plant PLC has a flow sensor and totalizer, a dry contact signal can be sent to the Control Panel to engage sampling. If you have a 4-20mA flow meter, the Control Panel will take that information coupled with your maximum flow value and sample based on flow.
  3. Your plant PLC system. All that is needed to trigger the arms individually is a 120 V AC pulse.
  4. Your Network. The Sonford Control Panel can be completely controlled by a computer on your network via Ethernet cable using MODBUS communication or by assigning the Control Panel an established IP address and using Internet Explorer to view, manage and control the Panel via a Java Applet.
  5. Demand Sample. At any time, you can demand a sample via:
    1. The Demand Sample function on the controller interface
    2. Remotely from your plant PLC
    3. Remotely via Ethernet connection.
Any of our panels are able to accommodate 1, 2 or 3 sampling arms with any combination of the aforementioned sampling modes. This level of customization is unique to Sonford Samplers thanks to our commitment to providing you with the best options at affordable prices.

In January of 2008, Sonford Samplers released its latest version of the Sonford Control Panel. This control panel has been redesigned purely for ease of use. There are three major changes from previous models which make the current Sonford Control Panel the most dynamic yet easy to use panel in the industry.

  1. The interface is now a touch screen, eliminating the limitations of a 15 button pad.
  2. By upgrading the internal PLC, we have eliminated the need for extra hardware. All of the sampling options are accommodated with one PLC. This leads to a faster turnaround time at our end, and financial saving at yours.
  3. Standardization. Since all of our panels contain the same internal components and connection labeling, Sonford Samplerís customer service and user friendliness have become the industry standard.
For more information on our new Sonford Control Panel or to explore other possible applications of this powerful and user friendly interface, please contact Sonford Samplers.