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Sonford Samplers, located in Lakeville, Minnesota, was established in the late 1970ís. The samplers were originally developed for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Sanitary District Wastewater Treatment Plant, where they are still in use. In 1994, Sonford Samplers was purchased by International Chemtex Corporation. Since that purchase, Sonford has received numerous improvements to design, production and especially the control panel. Constant attention is paid to the control panel because we strive to stay on top of technological advances that benefit you, the end user. In 2003 we introduced a new model, the TC-4. We added this new model to create a more diverse model line and to give the customer a more economical choice for their sampling needs. In the future we look to expand all facets of Sonford Samplers while retaining our outstanding customer service and dynamic company philosophies. Plants of all sizes throughout the US use Sonford Samplers. A user list is available on request. For more information on Sonford Samplers, please contact us at 952-469-4832, or email us at or