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At the heart of all Sonford samplers is the Arm assembly. This pneumatically driven sample device is simple, durable and reliable. Compressed air is fed to the solenoid valve. When a 115V AC pulse is sent to the solenoid valve, the compressed air drives the sample cup down to take a sample. As the shoulder screws follow the path of the helix, the cup turns right side up. When the 115V AC pulse stops, the cylinder retreats and the shoulder screws again follow the path of the helix, which spins the cup up side down, and empties the contents of the sample cup into the funnel, which is gravity fed to the container inside the refrigerator.

The simplistic design of the arm assembly lends to unmatched durability. There are no motors, bearings, belts or pumps. The only moving part (cylinder arm) is sealed. The average lifespan of an arm assembly is 20 years.

A. Solenoid Valve
B. Regulator Bracket
C. Cylinder Brackets
D. Helix (the Sleeve is under the helix)
E. Hex jam Nuts
F. Coupling Nut
G. Shoulder Screws with nylon tubing
H. Cup Holder
I. 30 mL cup
J. Air Filter Regulator
K. Valve Muffler